Achieve Your Goals


Life is what you choose to make it… Do You and OWN IT!

When you want to achieve something and believe you can, you will.

1. Stop procrastinating. Day-after-day, week-after-week or, perhaps, month-after-month passes you by with no actions taken. For whatever reason, you have done little to nothing to reach your goal(s).

2. Stop making excuses. Put the excuses in trash. Literally write them down on a piece of paper; rip them up; and put them in the trash.

3. Limit your time with dead weight.  These are people you might enjoy spending time with. However, they drag you down; drain your energy; have no aspirations; might discourage you; or they have no aspirations of their own.

4.  Associate with people who are more successful than you are. These people are driven, disciplined, and relentless. Hopefully, they will share their knowledge with you.

5.  Believe that you can accomplish your goals. Focus; strategize; and make it happen.

~ Evette “EJay” Johnson


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