About Evette “EJay’ Johnson

The proud country girl from the small towns of Rhine and Eastman, Georgia, residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Evette “EJay” Johnson is a product of working-class parents and has grown through her life experiences—she humbly continues to grow through them. She prefers to be called EJay because it’s spicier than Evette. EJay is weird, giving herself permission to be a visionary, a thinker, a free spirit, and multidimensional. That, along with seeking to understand and learning some things the hard way while navigating through life, enables EJay to share her knowledge. She earned her Psychology, B.S. and Sociology, A.S. degrees from Clayton State University as a full-time single mother while working full time. She has also earned a few certifications (Agile and Life Coaching). EJay, believing in producing good fruit, dedicated her early adult life to training up her son and providing him with tools to reach his full potential, and she never lost the desire to passionately fulfill her vision.

Not only is EJay a visionary and thinker, she’s a doer and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Blessed with discipline, a self-starter attitude, and can-do mentality, she turns ideas into reality whether it’s done with a team or independently. Broad and deep learning fit EJay’s eclectic style and high-energy. EJay’s diverse skill set — from servant and situational leadership to adeptness in solutions, complex problem solving, product/ process/ service improvement, and advocating for, coaching, training and developing people aka CEO of People — allows her to enable quality outcomes in leadership roles, such as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Manager and Life Coach.

Benefiting from her personal time, EJay is a self-published author and a Certified Life Coach (Specialties: Career-, Relationship- and Executive Coaching) to help others make the difference in their lives and organizations they want to experience.

Her name: Evette “EJay” Johnson, Proud Mother | Certified* -Product Management/ -Professional Coach/ -Scrum Master/ -SAFe Agilist | Author.

EJay: “I don’t believe in limiting myself. I feel comfortable going against the grain. I enjoy learning new things and becoming adept in certain areas. I value what helps people and organizations thrive—character, integrity, transparency, courage, resiliency, accountability/ownership, adaptability, faith, diversity (ideas, skills, background). For me, open communication is necessary to strengthen relationships, resiliency is a must to achieve, and I strive to walk my talk.”

“Don’t be quick to judge. Seek to understand.”
“If my confidence bothers you, check yourself and address your own issues.”
“Life is what you choose to make it . . . Do you and Own it!”


Doing the right thing, done prudently with a pure heart.

Fairness For All in the workplace and ending workplace bullying
Everyone in the workplace should receive…

  • Fair treatment
  • Fair career growth opportunities
  • Fair pay

Starting at the top with executives/highest senior positions, any person in a leadership role has the duty to consistently do and should be held accountable for doing what is right, fair, and just while in the workplace to ensure fairness for all.

Accountability and Ownership
The best investment we can ever make is in ourselves, whether it’s for personal growth, spiritual growth, career growth, relationship enhancement, goal attainment, fulfilling a vision, or genuine happiness.

While other people can believe in you and want the best for you, the person who will ever make the biggest difference in your life is you.

Thank you for your continued support.
~ EJay

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