Monthly Archives: July 2018

Can You Have It All?

Can you really have it all? I believe you can have as much as you have the capacity to achieve.

Doing what you have the capacity to realistically achieve is like Dev Teams / IT developers committing to accurately coding the maximum number of features they are able to handle within a given iteration, reaching their definition of Done to ensure a quality potential shippable product.

That’s how I am able to attain my personal goals. I think IT in that everything is a project. I think Agility. My mindset is to: frequently produce quality outcomes. Whether it’s work projects or personal projects, I truly believe in and consistently practice: purpose, solutions, understanding, value-add, accountability, flexibility, transparency, inspection, adaptation, openness, commitment, focus, courage, respect, alignment / balance, built-in quality, self-reflection, and having a great attitude. I do as much as I am able to complete within a certain time frame, ensuring accuracy and quality.

What we all know is: Without drive or purpose, a desire will fade, eventually meeting its demise. And instead of complaining, making excuses, blaming others, procrastinating, getting lost in distractions, hanging on to dead weight (detrimental thoughts, needy / non-contributing people, the past which cannot be changed), and causing problems for ourselves that slow us down, we can choose to attain what we desire.

So can you have it all? That’s for you to determine for yourself. If you believe you can have it all, then you will figure out ways make it happen, no matter how long it takes to attain it.

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