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(2nd edition currently in progress–same appealing story yet with deeper insights)

Quick Pitch:
Spiraling is a fictional novel about reconciliation after cheating, laced with a twisted story of true friendship (with no male bashing).

Spiraling vividly explores the lives of four friends who fight to win back the hearts of their significant others after they get caught cheating. One salacious summer changes their lives and who they are as individuals.

Harley, Avery, Simone, and Jade, also known as the foursome, are best friends who are in different stages of their intimate relationships. Harley is dating, Lorenzo, the man of her dreams. Avery is happily married to Laina; and they have two children. Simone is married to Bryson, a man who adores her. Jade is engaged to the love of her life, Isaiah. Unfortunately, love was not enough to keep the four friends faithful. They indulge in unscrupulous behavior. They get caught cheating, entangled in webs of infidelity, lies, and reality. One by one, their lives start spiraling out of control. While fighting to win back their significant others, Harley and her friends discover more than they had expected.

***Main Characters, Spiraling excerpt, and Book Club Questions****
The Foursome (mid to late thirties)
*Harley: Entrepreneur, owns an art gallery
*Avery: Attorney at Law
*Simone: Marketing Director
*Jade: Executive Admin
The Spot… Their place of solace, convivial gatherings, and where they over indulge in adult fun.

The foursome at The Spot after they get caught cheating…
“I’m scared,” confessed Simone.
“You and I are in the same situation.” Avery glanced at Simone. “Both of our marriages could end in divorce.”
“I didn’t even get a chance to get married. My man left me. It’s all my fault.” Jade shook her head. “Isaiah was a good one too.”
“If the three of you get another chance, give it everything you’ve got. Of course, it might cost you. I thought Lorenzo and I would talk, and he’d take me back. I was wrong.”
“I’ll bow down and kiss Isaiah’s feet if he gives me another chance.”
“With everything that has happened to us, one thing is for sure.” Harley summed it up, “Karma is a bitch! We should have known better.”

Book Club Questions 
(SPOILER ALERT! Answer the questions after reading.)

Spiraling has a lot going on, from the foursome’s (Harley, Avery, Simone, and Jade) twisted friendship to their unwavering attempt to reconcile their intimate relationships after they get caught cheating—hence the title Spiraling.

  1. What are your overall thoughts about Spiraling?
  2. To which character(s) do you most relate? How?
  3. Do you think there are varying degrees of cheating? If so, what are they?
  4. What do you think about the effectiveness of different reconciliations offered in Spiraling?
  5. What are your thoughts about the twists in Spiraling?
  6. There is no male-bashing in Spiraling. How do you delineate a “good man?”
  7. Harley, Avery, Simone, and Jade try to keep things spicy in their relationship with their significant others. What do you and your spouse or significant other do to keep exciting and fresh in your marriage/intimate relationship?
  8. Spiraling is centered around the close friendship between Harley, Avery, Simone, and Jade. Thinking about your inner circle of friend, in which situations do you all: Validate each other? Call each other out?
  9. The foursome (Harley, Avery, Simone, and Jade) shares an extremely strong bond. How does the closeness in your inner circle of friends compare/vary?
  10. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?